Towing Tractors

Towing Tractors

Towing tractors are specialized material handling equipment designed for the horizontal transportation of goods through towing. Widely employed within the logistics industry, these tractors are available in a diverse array of models to cater to varying operational requirements. Some are tailored for indoor use on smooth surfaces, while others are versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Toyota offers a comprehensive line of tow tractors that are not only widely utilized by airlines for cargo movement but also find applications in various factory settings.

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Tailift TG40

Capacity: 4000 kg

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Tracto 1.2t

Capacity: 1200 kg

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Tracto 2.0t

Capacity: 2000 kg

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Tracto 1.0t

Capacity: 1000 kg

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Tracto 1.5t

Capacity: 1500 kg

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Tracto 3.0t

Capacity: 3000 kg

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Tracto 5.0t

Capacity: 5000 kg

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