At TMHIN, we specialize in offering a diverse range of products that transform your conventional lift truck into a highly versatile and efficient materials handling powerhouse. With our innovative attachments and accessories, you can maximize the capabilities of your lift truck, making it capable of handling a wide variety of unit loads with ease.

Attachment for Every Application

Forks are of course the most common truck attachment. However, for certain applications other attachments are more suitable and beneficial.

Whether you’re handling paper roll, bales, carton boxes, tyres, recycling waste, or any material without conventional pallet operation, Toyota offer a solution. Wide range of Toyota attachments are versatile and durable enough for the toughest conditions. Toyota equipment along with industry specific attachment offer faster and more efficient load handling, leading to improved productivity, less damage and satisfied customers.

  • Durable for Tough Applications
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Service


Forklift Attachments

Common forklift attachment types

To name a few within a wide range of Toyota attachments:

  • Paper Roll Clamps Meeting the paper roll industry’s need for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, Toyota offers a full line of paper roll clamps and roll clamp damage reduction options to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper.
  • Bale Clamps Pallet-less handling of nearly any type of baled product such as cotton, wool, synthetic textile bales, corrugated, newsprint, rag, hay and metal scrap bales translates into savings in time and storage costs.
  • Side Shifter Shift a load from side to side for reduced handling time and improved maneuverability.
  • Rotators Rotators add 360° revolving motion, in both directions, to forklift trucks. Used in food processing and manufacturing for inverting and dumping loads.

Toyota sales experts can help you with the right attachment for your business.

Why Choose us

  • Versatile Solutions: Our products are designed to enhance the versatility and efficiency of your lift truck, making it adaptable to a wide range of tasks.
  • Industry Expertise: With years of experience serving various industries, our team understands the specific challenges you face and can provide expert guidance on the right solutions for your business.
  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in the quality and durability of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards for performance and safety.


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