Toyota has imparted enough emphasis on the maintenance of safety best practices as one of the core ethics of the company. Safe and effective maintenance is vital for efficacious business activities. As a service oriented company, Toyota has always taken initiatives for maintenance of safety as a commitment for workplace. With the similar lines of ethics Toyota Material Handling India (TMHIN) is committed for providing an ambience to enjoy safe, productive and a healthy working atmosphere.

With core commitment to safety best practices, TMHIN practices best internal practices to raise awareness regarding safety of engineers, factory employees as well as our valued customers at the workplace. It helps in raising the awareness regarding the vitalities of maintenance and the risks associate with it if not carried out regularly and consistently. With proper care and concern we offer a healthy and productive environ for all our associates internally and externally.

Some of the study conducted by European experts reveals that almost 20% of the workplace accidents are related with maintenance. A lion share of these accidents tends to happen during the repair activities like maintenance, cleaning and adjusting. The major cause of accidents has been identified as the regular non-maintenance of the equipment and some of the times the accidents caused due to the uneven, slippery and sloppy surfaces of forklifts which accelerates slip and trip.

With the learning experience from Toyota Material Handling sections across the globe, TMHIN takes preventive measures to ensure safe workplace practices with proper maintenance practices across Indian sub-continent.

Safety is considered as the top priority in Material Handling operations. As an initiative TMHIN aims at maintaining safe practices with continual safety improvement programs in collaboration with other similar focused organizations.

TMHIN very well understands that when it comes to safety, prevention is better sought word than remedy. The health of our employees and those who use our products are the central concerns for our safety programs. With a commitment to offer safest material handling equipment, we set a goal at provisioning for an accident-free workplace with adequate safety measures. We adhere to the principle of “Safety First” for all our employees and those who use these equipment as well as our customers. We strive at a safer environ with a principle to be safer together.

We at TMHIN very well understand maintenance is the key in keeping machineries running smoothly. This practice is an internal culture of Toyota and is carried forward through generations. We aim at sharing the knowledge and awareness for raising the safety standards to be at the best of international safety norms. We impart safety training to our employees at consistent interval and ensure safety best practices to be operational throughout our work environment.

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