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At Toyota, we don’t just offer top-quality products; we take care all your service needs for optimal performance and maximum uptime.

With our customized service plans, you can prevent unplanned downtime and improve overall productivity. With our fix-in-first time approach, we ensure your material handling equipment (MHE) performing at their best. Count on us to provide reliable support, allowing you to concentrate & operate your business.

When your material handling equipment is performing efficiently, your business too.

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Annual Maintenance Contract


  • Service & labour according to maintenance plan (250, 500, 750 h visit etc.)
  • Breakdown cover and repairs
  • Report with status and recommendations


  • Out of hours support
  • On-site technician
  • Truck health inspection
  • Tyres fitting
  • Battery care

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract


  • Service & labour according to maintenance plan (250, 500, 750 h visit etc.)
  • Travel up to 50~100 km for service
  • Report with status and recommendations
  • Preventive maintenance (Parts, oil, main filters, lubricants etc.)
  • Parts normal wear and tear, component failure
  • Break-down repairs

Super Saver Package:


  • Service & labour according to maintenance plan (250, 500, 750 h visit etc)
  • Travel up to 50 ~100km for service
  • Report with status and recommendations
  • Preventive Maintenance Parts & Lubs (oil, main filters, lubricants etc)
  • 04 Free Visits

Not includes:

  • Parts normal wear and tear, component failure
  • Break-down repairs

Optional: Truck health inspection

Customized Service Pack:

  • Complete truck refurbishment
  • Engine & transmission overhauling
  • Repaint work
  • Truck customization
  • Forklift Driver training pack

Forklift restoration process includes:

  • Brake assembly inspection & adjustments
  • Engine inspection & servicing
  • Transmission inspection & tuning to factory specs
  • Lift chain inspection & adjustments or replacements
  • Hydraulic system inspection & servicing
  • Preventative maintenance & filters changed, fluid changed to the proper level
  • Ensure tires have at least 70 percent (or greater) tread life.
  • Apply new paint to protect the forklift from rust and/or weather.
  • Confirm hoses are in good operating condition and free from bulges and/or leaks (replace if necessary).
  • Ensure the operator seat is free from cracks, tears, and holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a service package?

With regular maintenance, you can prevent major downtime and repair costs. Broken parts will be identified early enough and fixed before the damage becomes extensive. Repair costs for extensive damage might be as high as the cost of buying a truck. Thus, consider one of our service packages to avoid incurring such huge costs. Our qualified Toyota technician will assess several factors to come up with a schedule that suits you best. Your best bet is to sign up for a planned service agreement when you buy or rent your Toyota truck.

How often do I need to service my truck?

Servicing your lift truck regularly will help you increase the productivity of your business and ensure safety at the work place. Safety should be a top priority; if ignored, damage and injuries could happen. This could ruin your business and get you into legal problems as well. Thus, take the services seriously to grow your business optimally and safely.

What's the difference between Annual Maintenance Contract and Comprehensive Maintenance Contract?

While an annual maintenance contract is a great way to cover basic service on products, a comprehensive maintenance Contract (CMC) covers any additional spare parts, labor, or transportation costs that may arise for technicians while servicing material handling products.

Does it really matter which replacement parts I put on my truck?

Yes, it is. Your Toyota truck came complete with all Toyota Genuine Parts. If you start putting will-fit parts on your truck, you’re really compromising its durability and long-term value.

Service Touch Points

Toyota Trained Engineers

We design & impart the training in such a way that you will get same Toyota high standard service across the country.

Creating a productive warehouse hinges on prioritizing workplace safety. Given the inherent high-risk nature of working with material handling equipment, it’s crucial to cultivate awareness among drivers. Proficiency in operating a forklift both efficiently and safely serves as a fundamental step in reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Toyota Operator Training Programme

Our forklift operator training solutions are designed to streamline operations and safeguard your workforce, equipment, and materials. We offer a comprehensive and immersive suite of intelligent training solutions.

  • Improve health & safety
  • Reduce cost
  • More productivity

Every Toyota Service Plan offers you Toyota Genuine Parts

  • 95% of spare parts are always available in stock.
  • Genuine parts are designed and tested to be safe and to prevent equipment failure
  • Genuine parts generate a lower downtime risk and repair costs, increasing profitability
  • Genuine parts are recyclable and environmentally friendly

Discover more about Genuine Spare Parts

Choose authenticity. Choose reliability. Choose genuine spare parts from Toyota.

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