Toyota Material Handling Group is a vital outgrowth of Toyota Industries Corporation and produces material handling equipment. Founded in 1956, Toyota Material Handling Group has dedicated itself to realizing superior material handling solutions, carefully analyzing customer demands at their actual worksites.

Toyota – the global leader in counterbalanced forklifts, and BT / Raymond – the world’s top names in warehouse trucks, form Toyota Material Handling Group. In its operation, Toyota Material Handling Group intends to maintain Toyota, BT and Raymond brands while solidifying optimum brand and sales structures in each region to ensure that the power of each brand is fully utilized.

A deep commitment to high quality products and services and passion as a pioneer of creativity and innovation are the driving powers for Toyota. We are proud to mention that Toyota enjoy’s “World No. 1” position in material handling industry for last 22 years.

The Key Historical Milestones achieved in these 60 plus years can be chronologically organized as:

1926 Foundation stone laid for Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. This later changed to Toyota Industries Corporation
1956 The famous counterbalanced forklift produced at Toyota
1965 The very first Toyota counterbalanced forklift sold in the European market
1987 Forklift assembly by Toyota Industrial Equipment started in Ancenis, France
1996 Production process initiated in Ancenis, France
2000 BT Industries merges with the Toyota family
2001 TIESA (Toyota Industrial Equipment, SA) factory awarded with ISO-14001 certification leading edge environmental management.
2001 Toyota declared as the world leader in Material Handling Equipment industry
2004 The Toyota production establishment at Mjölby was awarded with ISO-14001 certification for excellence in environmental management
2005 Toyota innovates and exhibits first ever hydrogen fuel cell forklift prototype at CeMAT
2006 The Toyota forklift production facility at Bologna, Italy awarded with ISO-14001 with prominent class service for environmental management.
2006 Toyota celebrated 60th anniversary of BT Material handling Equipment
2006 Toyota celebrates 50th anniversary of world’s first ever forklift
2008 Toyota forklift production reaches 2 million units
2010 Toyota Industries Corporation announced formation of Toyota Material Handling India (TMHIN)
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