A safe work environment is a productive one. We are always striving to improve our customers’ ability to perform their jobs in the safest way possible. As a Toyota Material Handling customer, you can feel secure. We are dedicated to quality, just as our products are. We aim to provide you with solutions that eliminate risks in all the situations you face daily, and we continuously achieve this by offering safety accessories. Whether you are looking for solutions to address blocked visibility or to protect your unit, we offer you a wide range of safety products.


Smart Environment Sensor plus is an operator-assist system with pedestrian and object detection. This latest version includes truck control.

Supporting operators to avoid collisions with unnoticed obstacles for achieving safe operation

The stereo camera, an exclusive forklift design, detects pedestrians by distinguishing from unspecified obstacles in the detection range.

Linked with the truck status, the system supports safe operation by not only notifying the operator with a warning buzzer and warning lamps but also controlling the traveling speed and start of the truck.

Read or Download: SEnS+ FAQ Guidebook


SpotMe is a warning system for a safer workplace and is built upon infrared direction-sensitive sensors that detect movement or the presence of forklifts and pedestrians. Warehouses are crowded, fast-moving environments, and to stop accidents from happening in these environments; you can use SpotMe

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