Connect your forklift trucks for control and flexibility

In today’s challenging logistics landscape, efficiency and adaptability are crucial to support your business operations and be competitive. A fleet management solution from Toyota Material Handling India, empowers you to control your truck investments by improving efficiency, productivity and reducing operating / personnel costs.
Our, fleet management tools  enables you to measure, analyze and optimize the performance with one simple click. Real time performance data empowers you to take corrective measures and improve your long-term business profitability.
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Measure and monitor to ensure you avoid unwanted financial surprises. Fleet management contributes to cost control and long-term profitability.

  • Overview of activities
  • Reduce costs and make smart investments
  • Control chances of  damage


From machine utilization to truck positioning, fleet management support you in improvement of overall warehouse productivity in every operational process.

  • Better Machine Usage
  • Improve operator efficiency
  • Benchmarking of site / truck / operator
  • Extended Machine Lifetime


Keep a safe eye on drivers and trucks with the help of fleet management. By managing operator access and controlling impacts, you can create a safer work environment.

  • Truck Speed Management
  • Shock Monitoring
  • Authorized Access


Helps you to enhance over all product life and lower CO2 emissions as a result.

  • Use forklifts sustainably.
  • Increase battery lifetime.
  • Extend machine lifespan.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.


Be In Control With I_Site :
Measure & Improve

I_Site is a comprehensive fleet management system developed by Toyota Material Handling Group. It is designed to optimize the operations of forklifts and other material handling equipment in warehouse and logistics settings. I_Site uses advanced telematics, data analytics, and connectivity to provide real-time information and insights into various aspects of fleet operations, including machine usage, driver performance, maintenance needs, and safety.

Key features and benefits of I_Site :

  • Track and improve equipment usage.
  • Monitor and manage driver behavior.
  • Provide a detailed cost overview.
  • Include impact monitoring and pre-operational checks.
  • Optimize battery usage.
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Track Your Equipment with TYE Site:
Measure & Improve

TYE-Site is a fleet management solution designed to increase safety, reduce costs, and improve productivity. It offers comprehensive reports for analysis along with regular advice and support. The platform provides real-time tracking of truck locations and also indicates the time-based periodic maintenance required.

  • Improve truck / driver utilization
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Optimize fleet size and number of drivers
  • Owning cost reduction
  • Authorized driver access
  • Minimize number of truck impacts
  • Optimize battery usage and lifetime
  • Minimize energy usage / fuel loss


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