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When it comes to material handling equipment, tires play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. Toyota Material Handling Services understands this critical component of your business, and that’s why our tire services are a game-changer for customers.

Immediate Availability & Reliable Performance

At Toyota Material Handling Services, we understand the crucial role tires play in keeping your material handling operations efficient and effective. We are committed to providing you with two key benefits: immediate availability and reliable performance. Here’s how we deliver on these promises:

  • Tyres available for your replacement requirements
  • Ready stock available for popular specifications
  • Right selection of tyres


  • Immediate Availability
  • Reliable Performance

Forklift tyres are available in three types:

  • Cushion Tyres: Cushion Tyres are composed of solid rubber and are directly pressed onto the wheel. They sit lower to the ground and offer a smaller turning radius, which provides an advantage in maneuverability. Cushion Tires are primarily suited for indoor or paved applications use as they can struggle on uneven surfaces like gravel.
  • Solid Pneumatic Tyres: These are designed of solid rubber, much like a cushion tire and are the most common tire on the market today. Solid pneumatic tyres are commonly used for a combination of indoor and outdoor applications. However, solid pneumatic tires do not offer the same comfortable ride a cushion tire does across paved surfaces. The initial investment is higher, but they are practically indestructible and have a very long life.
  • Air Filled Pneumatic Tyres: These are designed of rubber, but are air filled much like a car or truck tire. They have a deep tread and are made of strong, long-lasting rubber material. These tyres are better for rough, outdoor terrain.
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