Reach Trucks

Suitable for indoor horizontal transportation and stacking, such as in warehouses, distribution centers and logistics companies, the Toyota range of powerful reach trucks offers high acceleration and exceptional drivability for optimum pallet movement.

With lift heights of up to 8.5 meters and load capacities from 1.2 to 3 tons, the Toyota 7FBRE series, 8FBRE series and BT Reflex series offers truck models suitable for block stacking, drive-in racking, and long load handling.

Equally effective in chilled and cold store environments, our high performance reach trucks are easily programmable and equipped with unique safety features for improved load handling and enhanced driver ergonomics. 


Toyota 7BR Series Reach Truck

Toyota 7BR Series

Toyota's 7-series reach truck offers the industry's first AC Power System,along with Traction & Brake Control which gives improved traction, better braking and suspension control for more stability.

  • Load capacity: 1.0 T / 1.3 T / 1.5 T / 1.8 T / 2.0 T / 2.5 T / 3.0 T 
  • Up to 6 m lift height
  • AC Power system

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Toyota 6FBRE Series Reach Trucks

Toyota 6FBRE Series

Toyota's know-how and the technologies are blended to achieve a reach truck that operates nimbly in a narrow space with minimum downtime for true comfort.

  • Load capacity: 1.2 T / 1.4 T / 1.6 T / 2.0 T 
  • Up to 8.5 m lift height

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Toyota 8FBRE Series Reach Truck

Toyota 8FBRE Series

Simplicity of use coupled with high efficiency are the core benefits of using the new 8FBRE models. These reach trucks can be trusted to offer the operators the high-quality, comfortable position that make work safe and enjoyable.

  • Load capacity: 1.2 T / 1.4 T / 1.6 T 
  • Up to 8.5 m lift height
  • AC Power system

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BT Reflex R/E-Series Reach Truck

BT Reflex R/E-Series

Powered by energy efficient AC motors, the BT Reflex R-series and E-series of reach trucks are best suited to forklift applications involving high lifting with heavy loads.

Because of an intelligent man-machine interface, these versatile trucks offer enhanced visibility, acceleration and lift control, all of which are simple to programme.

For high lift operations, the BT Reflex E-series features a unique tilting cab, which reduces driver strain whilst offering safer and more accurate load handling resulting in a high amount of pallet movement.

  • Load capacity up to 2.5 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 12.5 m
  • Drive speed up to 14 km per hour
  • Unique Transitional Lift Control
  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Tilting cab version and Mobile elevating work platform possibility

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BT Reflex N-Series Reach Truck

BT Reflex N-Series

With a narrow chassis design and 360° steering, the reach trucks in the BT Reflex N-series offer increased flexibility.

This makes them ideal for material handling operations, such as block stacking and drive-in racking, in confined areas.

Adjustable seat and controls, excellent overall visibility and a low step-in height, all provide a high level of operator comfort and efficiency. Easy to programme and fully configurable, the BT Reflex N-series reach trucks are also suitable for cold store applications.

With drive speeds up to 11 kilometres per hour, our N-series’ electronic fork control feature offers precision and ensures smooth operation 

  • Load capacity up to 1.6 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 8.5 m
  • Drive speed up to 14 km per hour
  • Narrow chassis
  • Low step-in height
  • AC technology

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BT Reflex F-Series Reach Truck

BT Reflex F-Series

The multidirectional BT Reflex F-series of reach trucks offer AC power, clear-view masts, 360° steering and sideways battery exchange for increased productivity and manoeuvrability.

A front facing driver seat and hydraulic fork spreading up to 2.22 metres provide improved versatility in horizontal and vertical load handling.

Suitable for heavy-duty applications, our multidirectional reach truck is capable of handling both conventional pallets and long loads, such as steel beams and plastic pipes.

  • Load capacity of 2.7 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 8 m
  • Hydraulic fork spreading up to 2.22 m
  • Drive speed up to 8 km per hour
  • Front seated driver position with four-way handling capability
  • AC technology

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BT Reflex O-Series Reach Truck

BT Reflex O-Series

Sharing key qualities with the rest of the BT Reflex range, the O-series reach trucks feature AC technology, 360° steering and the advanced Transitional Lift Control System.

With high ground clearance and durable super-elastic wheels, these forklifts are ideal for working in indoor and outdoor environments. They can operate on slopes, transitions, warm asphalt and even rough or uneven surfaces.

Featuring a lift height of up to 7.5 metres, the O-series reach trucks can easily cope with tasks such as block stacking, servicing outdoor racking and loading/unloading vehicles from the side. 

  • Load capacity of 1.6 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 7.5 m
  • Unique Transitional Lift Control
  • Super-elastic tyres
  • Drive speed up to 11 km per hour

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RAYMOND 7000-Series Reach Truck

RAYMOND 7000-Series

The Raymond 7000 Series Reach trucks offer double-deep pallet storage in the racks for increased storage density.
  • Load capacity of 1.45 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Facilitates double-deep pallet storage
  • Lift heights up to 11.28 m
  • Excellent all-round visibility

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