BT Vector 1.5t VNA with Articulated steering

Load Capacity (kg) 1500
Lift Height (mm) 16800
Usage Intensity Medium-High
Transport Distance Medium-Long
Suitable Areas Warehouses
Operator Position Seated
Travel Speed, no load (km/h) 12
Power Type Lead acid / Li-Ion
Model : VCE150A

BT Vector 1.5t VNA with Articulated steering

Toyota’s Advanced VNA concept is based on the BT Vector A-series, which has unique space saving and productivity enhancing features. Its articulated chassis provides excellent stability and minimises the space required for aisle-to-aisle transfer, allowing more warehouse space to be used for storage. Productivity levels are exceptional, with outstanding work-rates.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Unique Articulated Steering
  • High-level order picking and full-pallet handling in wire or rail-guided aisles
  • BT Optipace adapting truck travel and handling speeds according to truck lift height and load weight, maximising truck performance without compromising safety
  • BT Advanced lifting system (ALS)
  • Four wheeled chassis design for better stability
  • Powerful twin drive units


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