BT Optio 1t Narrow Man-up Walk through Order Picker

Load Capacity (kg) 1000
Lift Height (mm) 1700
Usage Intensity Medium
Transport Distance Medium
Suitable Areas Warehouses
Operator Position Standing
Travel Speed, no load (km/h) 12
Free Lift (mm) N/A
Power Type Lead acid
Model : OME100NW

BT Optio 1t Narrow Man-up Walk through Order Picker

Are you looking for an efficient order picking solution for medium heights? Our medium-level BT Optio order picking trucks have been designed for operations at a height of up to 3.4 metres. Optio trucks feature elevating forks, allowing easy placement of picked items onto the pallet or tray. The control panel can be easily switched from facing the forks to facing the mast.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible man-up order picking truck for low to medium intense picking with picking height up to 3.4 m
  • The forks move together with the operator platform for easy access to the load carrier - Ideal for picking of larger items
  • Narrow chassis for picking up to 3,4 m picking height.
  • Fast acceleration and a high travel speed
  • Smart truck: easy to connect, monitor & improve
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