BT Lifter with Scale

Load Capacity (kg) 2000
Lift Height (mm) 205
Usage Intensity Low-Medium
Transport Distance Short
Suitable Areas Stores / Supermarkets / Warehouses / Manufacturing
Operator Position Walk With
Travel Speed, no load (km/h) N/A
Power Type Manual
Model : LHM200SC

BT Lifter with Scale

What if you could weigh and transport your goods in one single action? Our BT lifter with built-in scale allows you to weigh loads at all points of your material handling operations.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Built-in high accuracy scale (+/- 0.1 kg) for flexible handling processes
  • Ideal for moving and weighing loads at the same time
  • Ideal for industrial and commercial use
  • Lasts five times longer than other brands


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