Manufacturing is the production or assembly of products, usually in a step-by-step system with a division of tasks and labor. The work is repetitive and benefits from automation whenever possible without compromising quality. Several manufacturing environments call for special attachments or modifications for handling certain products.

Horizontal Movement and Stacking

As within an ordinary warehouse, manufacturing typically demands much moving and stacking of goods. You want to be able to refill your storage of parts and store your finished goods until delivery as effortlessly and safely as possible. We offer trucks designed for horizontal transport and stacking in a range of series adapted to the intended workload, the distances, and the heights required.

Picking for Assembly Line

The assembly line is the center stage of modern manufacturing. It enables efficient production but, in return, requires you to provide the right parts at the right time. Your trucks must facilitate quick and safe picking of parts from storage and towing them to and from the assembly line.

Special Modifications

Your manufacturing needs might exceed standard forks and require other attachments. We offer numerous variants of fork extensions, clamps with rotation capabilities, and cranes for these special occasions.

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