Brick Industry

Brick Industry

Large, fragile and unwieldy loads, dusty environments and uneven outdoor surfaces, all of these factors make brick and block as one of the most demanding industries for material handling equipment. Toyota’s line of dependable forklifts and accessories are designed to stand up to the challenge day after day, year after year.

Toyota Forklift

Raw Material Handling

Electric forklifts are deployed for the efficient handling of raw materials such as clay, sand, and additives. Their clean and emission-free operation is ideal for indoor settings, ensuring the safe and precise movement of these materials during the initial stages of brick production.

Kiln and Brick Transportation

Diesel forklifts come into play during the firing and transportation of bricks within the kiln area. Their robustness and power make them suitable for the demanding environment of high-temperature kilns, where they facilitate the loading and unloading of bricks and materials.

Finished Product Distribution

In the final stages of brick manufacturing, both electric and diesel forklifts are utilized to load and transport finished bricks to storage areas or onto trucks for distribution. Electric forklifts are preferred for indoor storage areas, while diesel forklifts excel in outdoor settings, offering versatility in handling the final products.

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