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BT Reflex O-Series

Durable reach trucks for both indoor and outdoor environments



Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the BT Reflex O-series reach trucks feature large super-elastic wheels. They have a ground clearance of 145mm, allowing them to work on uneven surfaces, while their treaded super-elastic tyres secure grip on wet or uneven surfaces or even warm asphalt. The heavy-duty gearbox is adapted to suit the revised drive-wheel configuration and the three-wheel braking completes the package, ensuring optimum safety and reliability. Our BT Reflex O-series reach trucks are also available with three different weather protection options with polycarbonate windows on overhead guard and one or more sides of the cab. The third version also offers door and heater. The BT Reflex O-series reach truck is one solution for a variety of different needs.

  • Load capacity of 1.6 tonnes at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 7.5 m
  • Unique Transitional Lift Control
  • Super-elastic tyres

Model  Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. lifting height (m) Max battery capacity (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
RRE160R 1600 7.5 620 11