Low lifting hand pallet truck with scale for accurate weighing during load handling



The LHM200SC pallet truck in the BT Lifter L-series is equipped with a scale to provide high-accuracy weighing during the material handling process. With a load capacity of 2 tonnes, this flexible, low lifting hand pallet truck saves time and effort, allowing operators to weigh pallets and containers during loading and transport for maximum efficiency. For applications in which an estimate of the load weight is suitable, the L-series offers the LHM230WI with weight indicator. This quick-lift model offers +/-20 kilogram accuracy and a load capacity of up to 2.3 tonnes.

  • Load capacity up to 2.3 tonnes at 600 mm load center
  • Choice of chassis and fork widths
  • Long lifetime
  • Load weight indication


Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Fork height (mm) When Brochure
LHM230WI 2300 85 Weight indication Download
LHM200SC 2000 90 Accurate weight measurement Download