TMHIN - Parts & Services Offerings


We offer:

  • Nationwide team of skilled service engineers (based in branch offices and satellite locations) with an aim to serve you in the shortest possible timeframe
  • Service workshops in major locations
  • Fully equipped service vans for faster response
  • Availability of spare parts ware house in different locations nationwide for smooth support
  • Toll-free Customer Support Centre No. 1800-300-000-75 for on-call support
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Our key customer service areas include:

1.    Service Contracts

1.1  Health inspection

Designed to keep your forklift trucks operating safely and provide protection for your workforce. This program enables us to evaluate the condition of the machine. Based on this analysis, recommendation for essential and critical spare parts is made for smooth operation of the machine. Besides, with an aim to educate your workforce operate and maintain the machine well, the basics of daily safety checks and maintenance routine procedures are taught.

1.2  Preventive maintenance

This contract is an effective way to prevent unplanned downtime and costly repairs. We take the responsibility for maintaining your trucks according to a predetermined plan as well as ensuring that they meet all safety requirements. This contract is designed to take care of all your truck maintenance and repair requirements in order to provide you with the highest levels of operational performance and uptime.

2.    Genuine Spare Parts

In order to maintain the built-in quality of your forklift truck, it makes sense to repair them using exactly the same high quality parts. Which is why, we only use genuine Toyota and BT forklift parts with all of our Service Contracts and always suggest our valued customer to use only genuine Toyota and BT parts.

Genuine parts will not only preserve the value of your investment over time, they also provide the best fit, and as a result deliver the quickest and most reliable repairs, while minimizing downtime and maintaining the safe operation of your trucks.

Usage of genuine parts would guarantee customer of maximum uptime and not to forget, help to avoid the risk and cost of unnecessary repairs.When you buy a Toyota genuine part you get:

  • Reliability
  • Maximum service life
  • Low overall cost of ownership
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3.    Spare parts Warehouse

We at Toyota Material Handling India maintain adequate stock of spare parts. 90% of the fast moving spare parts are available for supporting your parts requirement in all the ware houses.

Currently we have the spare parts warehouses at following locations in India: 

4.    Operator’s Training

A skilled and motivated driver not only offers increased productivity, but will also operate more safely – reducing the risk of damage to stock and equipment – or worse still, injuries to people.

We offer operator training covering the basics of daily safety checks and maintenance routines, as well as covering safe driving practices and operating techniques.